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Don't Sell Your Minerals!Get A Loan Instead

We can't blame them...big mineral acquisition companies with deep pockets and one goal in mind...relieve you of your inherited and hard-earned mineral and royalty interest. If you've owned producing mineral and royalty interest for any length of time, you've probably received one of their letters offering to buy your interest.

We understand that most mineral owners know that they should never sell their interest, but we're also aware that life happens, and sometimes the thought of a lump sum of money to fill a financial need is too hard to pass up. This is why we started Mineral Loan. We’re in our 13th year of lending our own money to individuals that own producing mineral interest in order to keep them from being forced to sell during lean times. The saying goes that they're not making any new land, well the same can be said for mineral interest and our goal is to help you keep yours.

When you break down the numbers, there really is no comparison between getting an advance on your future royalty income from Mineral Loan or permanently selling your interest to one of the mineral buying companies. They know that there is a lot of power in residual income and it shouldn't be parted with, if at all possible.

Think about this example. Say you receive $1,000. per month in royalty payments, and you need $25,000. as soon as possible for any number of reasons (medical bills, paying off high interest loans, a down payment on a house, starting a new business). You would typically have to sell at least 1/2 of your mineral interest to raise that kind of money. So from now on (which could be the next 50+ years) you would only receive $500. per month instead of $1,000. You would also only receive 1/2 of any future lease bonuses, revenue from new wells, etc. That doesn't sound like the end of the world, but you'd be losing at least $6,000. per year in royalty payments, not to mention 1/2 of what you would be entitled to if the property was ever leased again in the future. In just 20 years, you'd lose at least $120,000. of income, just so you could get a one-time payment of $25,000 now. could get a $25,000. advance on your future royalty payments from Mineral Loan. You would retain 100% of your mineral and royalty interest and could use the $1,000. per month that keeps coming in to repay the $25,000. loan. Once the loan is repaid, you maintain 100% of your interest going forward, which allows you to fully capitalize on future lease bonuses and production income from any current and new wells.

No Credit Check!

If you’ve filed bankruptcy or have a history of missed or late payments, you can still qualify for a loan. Also, unlike most other lenders, the terms will not change if you have bad credit. We do not run credit checks, so don’t worry about giving out personal information or having to fill out lengthy application forms.

No Hidden Fees!

Mineral Loan is interested in a positive relationship with our borrowers, so we’re not looking to take advantage of every possible opportunity to charge more in the small print. Unlike some conventional lenders, Mineral Loan does not hide fees in the small print.

Easy Process with No Hassle!

In an effort to make our process as convenient as possible, we’ll usually be able to offer several repayments options to you within a couple of hours. Most loans are funded within a week and many within as little as 48 hours. You’ll know right away if getting a loan from us is what’s best for you.

Keep Your Minerals!

  • Who Is Mineral Loan and How Are We Different?

    Mineral Loan was created by a private equity group that has extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry. The founders recognized a need for owners of producing oil and gas interest to be able to use that interest to secure loans during tough financial times.

    Traditional banks and lending institutions will not offer conventional loans against producing mineral and royalty interest because they are unable to accurately measure it’s value, due to ever changing market pricing, as well as the possibility of production, infrastructure and transportation issues. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us the ability to value producing mineral interest with an accuracy that mitigates the risk of lending to mineral owners and therefore allows us to help those that need a custom solution for their finances. While residual income from oil and gas royalties can add up over time, sometimes it takes just a little more for some to meet their financial obligations and goals.

    Knowing that debt is not the long-term answer to life's financial challenges, our goal is to lend just what is necessary to get you back on your feet and to help you bridge the gap. Whatever your situation is, we are committed to taking the necessary time to create a plan that suits your financial needs. Call today to see how we can help with your immediate need, while also keeping your long-term goals in mind.

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